a lot of my initial sketches look very similar. the logo works best on the left sidebar so most of them incorporate that design. once I got into illustrator and played with the blocks of color, for me the white logo with color behind it stood out the best. for my recent changes I went in and lighten up the red so it was not as intense but still shows strong contrast between the other colors. not sure if I’m loving it though, I enjoy the vibrant red, it gave a good vibrant punch that really caught the eye. the red blocks are also now the same height and the white line continues down and over towards the blog content.


after critique I went in and made more changes to my sidebar. I decided to move in the direction of creating the block of color through the text. it took some time to figure out the right positioning and typeface to use. right now it is in futura condensed extra bold. this type works well because it’s not as wide, allowing for more space in between each letter and the legibility to be more clear. it still needs some work on the kerning, I’m still playing around with it. I’d like them to be touching to help fill in the shape of the rectangle but it gets hard to read. this design is bolder than the previous one. it’s more direct and easier to read. it also ties into the logo whereas before the text was a complete separate entity and didn’t flow together. I would still like to create a hover over the links but right now I think for what it is it works pretty well.

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