t.c. boyle

THE LIE  //   deceit / selfishness / absence

it started as one lie to get out of going in to work. it grew until everything didn’t exist anymore.

for deceit..still thinking about it. for selfishness…for absence, have a line of objects but then have a break in the pattern with and empty space with a spot light on it.

HANDS ON  //  age / acceptance / true vs fake beauty

a trip to get botox ends up being a mental break down.

for depicting age I might do a close up image of the wrinkles around an eye, or maybe wrinkled up paper creases.  for acceptance, a person looking back and almost glaring at a person behind. for beauty have a split look at one that looks natural and one person who does not.

LA CONCHITA  //  pressure / time / tenacity

a down pour of rain. eighty-five mph. a liver in the trunk. a mudslide ahead. a recipient waiting. a husband and girl buried. one hero.

for pressure maybe have an object being pressed down upon or pushed up against from both sides. for time perhaps someone sitting in a room staring down a clock on the wall. for tenacity, strong hands gripping a shovel.

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