final designs

dynamic // one color // original scan image // dilation

didn’t make any changes to this design. it was suggested to bring the white over the larger edge in the back with the name of the product, but when I tried that it seemed a bit confusing on which would be the front of the box so I stuck with the original idea of the white space being on the right side.

simplicity //  three color // altered image //  asymmetry

with this one I adjusted the color to a greener blue which is less harsh of a contrast between the bright green. I also moved the green line all down to the bottom and made the bottom panel green. I replaced the collection of clips on the top with just one to really portray simplicity.


joy // full color // glyph  // rotation

the only change made with moving the text on the sides to be at the same height as the 50 on the back. I played with doing a different color than black, but nothing really grabbed my attention like the black. it gives contrast that makes the colors stand out the most.

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