ideas for the california zephyr

for my design concepts for creating an amtrak poster for the california zephyr route [chicago, burlington, omaha, denver, glenwood springs, salt lake city, reno, sacramento, emeryville] the focus is more on the qualitative and less on the quantitative. my initial idea was to build landscapes for the major scenery seen from the heartland to the bay. the paper models would be representational and geometric. this concept is a bit whimsical to attract the children and the sort of model aspect appeals to the train model enthusiast. the concept with amtrak logo in the center is directed for the demographic of those in their twenties, who aren’t as familiar with the concept of riding a train. so it leans on the direction of layering different colors and shapes whiling combining with photographs, to make this train ride seem like a modern day activity to get out of the house and everyday life and enjoy the colors and landscapes seen in this beautiful country we live in. the yellow designs lean towards a vintage feel with still seeming fresh and up to date. Β i through in a map on the last one to give a real visualization of the cities the train stops.

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