zephyr // round one


so i went the ambitious route. this concept in our idea crit got the most response with the concept behind it. i knew i wanted to focus on the sights that would be experienced on the ride, because from my past experiences i generally love just sitting and staring out the window the entire time, to me it’s all about the observation and seeing the sites. with building the paper model geometric shapes i was looking to recreate the change in terrain that this particular route travels thru. starting with gray boxes as the urban city in chicago, transitioning into the green and yellow grass and prairies found in iowa and nebraska, then into the mountains which range in color making its way to the bay in california. together the dimensionality and color gradient help to visualize the landscapes that would be seen. building a model brings emphasis to the dimensionally that varies across the country. riding these amtrak routes are a family adventure and the model is fun in relation to the resemblance to children’s toys and blocks. but the model can also relate to the older generations who are familiar with old fashioned train models, my take is just redefined in a more abstracted and modern geometric way. right now the photo isn’t great quality considering i took it in my dining room, and the golden gate bridge needs some work and the fact that i spelled experience wrong, but i am happy with the direction the poster is heading.

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