how 2 judge the book // initial thoughts

project dos // make app covers for books that contain the history and rules for 4 different but similar sports.

lets go with court sports //badminton (1700s), tennis (1860s) , ping pong (1880s), volleyball (1895)

all with a net and marked out playing area. most with a sort of racket [palm]. each use a different type and size of  ball. all start points out with a serve.

might possibly include a humorous one-liner about the sports to make the cover a little pun-y. as for including analog elements in the design, photographs probably are a yes, or might i try and illustrate them..

1 idea // using particular sayings about the sport to create scenes to photograph that depict the concept.

tennis // matches – “game set match”

ping pong // a waiter carry a tray –  “serve it up right”

badminton // a nice little bird – “i’d hit that”…

volleyball // a person digging – “can you dig it?”

2 // using the equipment to physically create the text of the title

3 // using the equipment to showcase/construct the text from

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