the course of course

self assessment 4 viscom dos // so far with the first project i think i accomplished thinking outside from the computer. having a three dimensional background from my time at mizzou, i really felt how i went about my train poster took good use of that knowledge. i’ve gone through many different variations of the poster with photography and typesetting that i think finally it has reached a final point, i’m glade that i kept working with it instead of leaving it where it was at critique. and thank you kidwell for your constant input along the way. wanting to keep improving the work i’ve done is something that i intend to keep doing throughout my school career, everything can be improved constantly. moving into project 2 with the book covers and keeping with the off the computer technique has improved my thought process and definitely given my work for these projects a stronger concept and have been more appealing with the inclusion of dimensional aspects. viscom two at this point has opened my mind about thinking about and creating compelling and interesting imagery, that’s not just flat, like stanley.


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