aiga gun control// 3 concepts

narrowed/refined to 2//


words of wisdom//

rhetoric catches your attention, then aristotle’s modes of appeal pull you in closer and keep your attention. modes of appeal focus on the details that give a message substance and really define what is being communicated. ethos applies to the credibility of the source, pathos applies to the emotions and senses, logos applies to the brain’s need for logical and stats to back up a claim; all three of the appeals make a message believable. modes of appeal are present in all realms of design, every form of design is going to at least appeal to the senses and emotions through the simplest choice of color or typeface, so therefore contain pathos.

rhetoric makes you think and use prior knowledge to form the clever connection. rhetoric works best with a clear and concise message being supported with vivd imagery. advertising is bursting with rhetoric. humor easily fits into a range of rhetoric forms,  it’s seen in commercials from car insurance to fast food. a specific one i’m thinking of are the allstate commercials. they use metaphor for mayhem while sneaking in a bit of parody; the message is made very evident. rhetoric makes something more interesting, humans are attracted to the explanation of abstract concepts.

1 thought on “aiga gun control// 3 concepts

  1. Jennifer Abate

    Hello Bri!
    Alrighty to start off I really enjoy the concept that you have with the glue gun iteration. Some concerns about it is that GUNS is a tad bit hard to read at first (I think it might be the angle of the word or the macaroni). I understand that this is supposed to pertain to children with the collaging that children do with the poms and the mac and the stars and construction paper, but I feel as if you may have a lot of elements that you may not need so relook at composition layout? If you go with this route I would suggest a glue gun in the image. No where special or eye catching just there. I always appreciate in awe the amount of effort you put in with your analog methods. I believe your caution tape gun is the most successful just because it is so simplistic and I enjoy that aspect. The shape is a lil bulky or hard to discern {cutting a hole in the trigger area?} But I can get the message of the caution tape that is used in crime scenes with police and that guns are related to these events so good job on that! It might be that I don’t remember the game very well, I know what you’re getting at but then again I don’t. Targets yes, they are the people listed but the gun in the center? I don’t think the question marks are necessary Possibly try having some flaps down as if they had been shot already. Yes? No? Maybe So? Like I said the caution tape is the strongest one to me. It gets the point across simple and quickly, even without text.
    Tata then Bri Dallas


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