3 concepts

the first demonstrates the happy and energetic music that jon batiste creates, and then the other two relate back to how he likes to perform in subways and on the streets, and surprise his audience and get them involved. the third idea needs the most exploration to define the text and to clearly correlate as a rendition of a subway map.

3 thoughts on “3 concepts

  1. jamie turpin


    Concept 1
    I luv the style you have exemplified here. I’m guessing the concept looks rasterized due to you wanting to post smaller files?

    So a few things:
    1. Your message needs to be communicated stronger to the audience. Currently, it feels a little lost due to the way your have it exemplified. Perhaps provide it in strong/dominant color so it POPS out to the audience.

    2. The sketchy icons, they look a little too controlled. The sketch you shared with me on Friday – make sure you transition robustly from your sketch/thumbnail to the computer. I would like to see more of the personality from your sketch here. (I can help you with this transition if you need/want the help) If you get the chance, check out some of Mike Perry’s work http://www.mikeperrystudio.com/ He has an interesting loose/sketchy style.

    3. Curious, is Jon Batiste bald? I am having a hard time with his attire (suit) feeling so polished and detailed but yet he is faceless. What about the idea of employing a silhouette?

    Concept 1 has a very unique approach/style that will shine out to the audience as the walk/drive by…

    Concept 2
    This is interesting, but I believe Concept 1 is stronger than this one. Meaning – just more interesting and eye catching.

    Concept 3
    This has the potential for being something really unique and cool. However, I think Concept 1 implies a stronger message.

    Moving forward:
    If you agree that I feel Concept 1 is the strongest of your concept family; then move forward with further development on it for Wednesday. For Wednesday, bring a print (8.5 x 11 or 11×17) of your concept. If you feel stuck, then bring what you have and as a whole (the class and myself) will help you with ideas in order to move forward.

    Color/Type Studies/Mood Board
    This is right on – great work!


  2. Jennifer Abate

    Hiya Bri,
    I agree that concept 1 is the most explored and strongest of the three. Moving forward with this concept, the text is a bit hard to read as the kerning is quite tight and then loose. I would recommend taking a tablet into illustrator, grab the brush tool, and write the text there to get a vector graphic of the text, to minimize the pixelation. I feel like maybe more emphasis needs to be made in one area or another because the text and the background seem to mesh together. The color choices I think are very happy and energetic, a good way to get across your concept. Also, only Batiste has an inconsistent baseline for the text so maybe try other uneven baselines or make it a line.
    Nice exploration, very young and modern, just what Gale wants!

  3. Jonathan Knoffer

    Bri, you are definitely capturing the essence of Jon Batiste’s music. You chose your strongest piece to continue with. The stylization of your poster does come off energetic/youthful… but could it possibly borderline child-like? Or what if your poster didn’t portray Jon at all and instead the very fun graphic designs as portrayed above him?


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