inspiration + poems

both of these kinetic type videos capture analog methods, the first one works well demonstrating how to give words emphasis, the second isn’t as refined but thought it was an interesting concept on how to create the type.

taking tender buttons into motion i have chosen these 2 poems_maybe

CAKE. Cake cast in went to be and needles wine needles are such. This is today. A can experiment is that which makes a town, makes a town dirty, it is little please. We came back. Two bore, bore what, a mussed ash, ash when there is tin. This meant cake. It was a sign. Another time there was extra a hat pin sought long and this dark made a display. The result was yellow. A caution, not a caution to be. It is no use to cause a foolish number. A blanket stretch a cloud, a shame, all that bakery can tease, all that is beginning and yesterday yesterday we had it met. It means some change. No some day. A little leaf upon a scene an ocean any where there, a bland and likely in the stream a recollection green land. Why white.

ORANGE. Why is a feel oyster an egg stir. Why is it orange centre. A show at tick and loosen loosen it so to speak sat. It was an extra leaker with a see spoon, it was an extra licker with a see spoon.


i haven’t really nailed down or figured out what exactly i am going to do with the design of my codex, but it surely needs to be consistent. one thought for the motion that pictured was a book flapping open and then all of a sudden it is wide open and pages start flying everywhere and the type of the poems is shown on the flying pages, zooming in on particular parts of the text.

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