trying stuff

gertrude stein. a cubist poet? stein’s writing style is repetitive and sometimes seems like it goes in circles, in a way this is how our minds work when we are trying to learn something new. our brains run rapid as we make observations for everything, our thoughts repeat so we remember, and we question everything. with stein’s format she forces us to really pause and take in what’s going through her mind, it forces you to reread and leave logic behind. the way she writes makes you question things; question life, everything is a question. poetry is subjective to interpretation and should not be taken literally, readers have all questioned her reasoning, her sane-ness, but these poems she wrote for herself, they’re her self expression.

i chose the only poems that had the word why. why? people can go on asking why forever, it’s an infinite loop. does there have to be answers to these questions, i don’t think so. for experimentation, i’m struggling with analog methods because i have chosen poems that are quite lengthy, so i have to keep that in mind with all of my experiments. and i can’t really grasp how i want, or need to visually capture my concept. so far i’ve worked with layering, and thinking about how to make the book interactive. and now i will go question everything and get stuck in limbo.

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