new direction

wednesday i presented the green poster. from the feedback at crit there was more love for the previous version. but with this composition i was struggling with the illustrations. i wanted to portray the happiness and love he spreads with his interaction with his audience, but the way it was depicted really leaned into a juvenile feeling. being a bit frustrated and unhappy with the direction, i decided to go back to a thumbnail sketch to give my self a break and see what would come about. after exploration i think i’ve found my self in a happy place. the new composition reads more contemporary and modern like the young entertainer that jon batiste is. the color exploration helped transition this version into something a bit more successful. the formal elements of alluding to a spot light on the piano, shows that he is the main player  within the group. the layers of different shapes show the layers of sounds from the instruments. from this point i am going to work on fine tuning and getting everything in the exact place.

3 thoughts on “new direction

  1. Duane Dinverno

    Wow! This great, I love your new direction. I like the one on the far bottom right the best but the s going into the circle slightly looks incidental. Move it out or further in. I love the angle on the piano, it forces participation of the viewer. And those background patterns are splendid. Great job!

  2. kaylieinc

    I am really happy with your new direction I feel that it is bring out more of the edgy by smooth side of Jon’s work. I think the green boxes are definitely working better than the red. The red draws your eyes to that spot, and the green sort of blends in and gives it the cooool feel. I think you should try playing with the 8 pm, and bring it in front of the white lines, right now the white lines are making the 8 hard to read. Other than that, Awesome Job!


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