here’s what i’ve been working on so far for the billboard. it’s been a puzzle trying to get the elements situated correctly, i’m still not sure if this is the right composition, but it’s what i keep coming back to. any suggestions? then for the motion piece, so far i’ve drawn out a storyboard for what i plan on creating.

4 thoughts on “bill/storyboard

  1. kaylieinc

    I think your storyboard seems to fit well with the spunky, fun, movement that you already had going on with your poster. I think your story board will be easier to understand once you start putting it together, but for now it looks to be like a good start.

  2. brewerjodi

    your billboard layout is looking really nice, but i feel like the balance is still a bit off. you might play around with the positioning and shapes to the left side of the composition. and with your storyboard, i believe that there is good opportunity to add some more interaction of the shapes with the keyboard.

  3. jamie turpin


    Since your poster exemplifies a very unique style – what if you created a flipbook video approach. This might help with the placement and reasoning of your object placements.

    Have you selected which song you plan to employ for the video? This might help a bit with your storyboard rhythm.

    Friday: Is WIP CRIT, so have something ready to share with the class. Jamie Koval will partake in our class CRIT

  4. jamie turpin

    Bri, for your billboard design — did you try placing the artist name closer to the left side of the billboard layout? Right now, it looks as if you just cropped your poster design to fit the layout for the billboard.



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