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2015 Trends

The first trend of being very well rounded and having meta-disciplinary study makes a lot of sense. At agencies the distinct lines between job descriptions and responsibilities tend to blur and morph. A designer definitely needs to stay up to date with current events and popular culture to ensure that the designer is capable of also supporting the social, media, and strategy teams with creative ways to push out a design. Knowledge is power. In 2015, and even now, the “attention economy” is going to be a challenge. With the information age we are constantly taking in design across a wide range of platforms, how are we going to make something that truly draws someone in? The distractions are just going to keep building around us, we are just going to have to focus on creating design that is interactive and personalized to capture attention for more than a split second.

2015 competencies

This list seems to be timeless, but I think the ability to understanding technology is going to move up higher in the next couple of years. We are going to need to meet the needs of the growing digital age. Having knowledge about how to design for a technological platform, as well as, how technology would be used to advertise the design is going to be key.

3 thoughts on “reading response

  1. Morgan Lynn Stockton

    I totally agree with much of your first comments. i’m really into how you phrased how knowledge is power. These days we’re taking in information constantly. Have a question? Look it up IMMEDIATELY via smart phone. It’s making the designers job harder. Fact checking is easier and attention span is shorter. You need to get that message across ASAP or they just pass on.

  2. brewerjodi

    I like the point you made about being apart of the information age and all the different platforms we are taking in all the time. graphic design is fast growing across all these digital formats and competing with all the click happy people who hold limited attention.


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