self assessment

starting this semester has been a rough one for me. there’s been a lot of doubt floating around in mind, generally speaking for everything in my life right now. i’m slowing working through it, slowly, very slowly. this first type project definitely shows the result of this abnormal mood that i’ve been stuck in. i struggled whole heartedly throughout the entire project. i’m not quite sure why it was such a problem for me to get a handle on, i just wasn’t digging any of the concepts i was generating. i couldn’t find confidence in any of it, as seen by the mash up post of my entire stein process. i ended up with an interesting form for my book, but the quality of my exploration and craft could have been developed a hell of a lot more. hopefully, no, for sure, with this next project i will get over this hurtle, and really take it all in to produce something worth while. just need to stay positive and look toward the future. seeing recent grads, even my intern buddies, being offered outstanding job adventures, has been major encouragement to keep my mind in the game. it feels like so far away but graduation will be around the corner in no time. i start my anthropologie internship on thursday, i think that’s just what i need to help bring back my enthusiasm for school. just gotta keep going and keep my head up.


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