stein motion

an accompaniment to the tender buttons anthology from type, these videos go along with the same concept of needing all the pieces of information to complete the thought. in the book it’s needing the black and the white pages to overlap and make sense of the poem, in the videos this similar idea is seen in the second one, in the first video however, pages are replaced with hands. with these motion pieces i definitely pursued experimentation quite a bit easier than what i experienced with my book. but these too i think could still use refinement in the craft area. i am getting more interested in motion/filming the more i work with it.

THIS IS THE DRESS, AIDER. Aider, why aider why whow, whow stop touch, aider whow, aider stop the muncher, muncher munchers. A jack in kill her, a jack in, makes a meadowed king, makes a to let.

ORANGE. Why is a feel oyster an egg stir. Why is it orange centre. A show at tick and loosen loosen it so to speak sat. It was an extra leaker with a see spoon, it was an extra licker with a see spoon.

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