curry me home

and thai me up. #somethingpunny

2 thoughts on “curry me home

  1. Morgan Lynn Stockton

    punny and kinky…but really…

    your sketches are excellent. I’m glad that you’re going into pattern work and everything. I like the fact that you’re going for jewel tones in your colors but it seems like pinks and reds dominate your inspiration yet they don’t seem to be carrying over into your studies. Also those warms colors might lend well to this idea of flavorful (and spicy) foods. Also, violet? Royal? Rich? I dunno. Think about it.

  2. kaylieinc

    Your silly Bri! lmao cracking me up.
    I think your sketches are very well thought out, what type of container are you thinking about? this may help with the pattern design, and I feel like curry is a warmer color, so the pallet would be more warmer than cooler. There is a restaurant called Curry in a Hurry in the power and light district it’s really cheap but delish. Maybe seeing how they display the food there, would be good inspiration? and a bite to eat. yum ๐Ÿ˜€ Boil em’ mash em’ stick em’ in a stew!


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