3 curry sketches

i’m leaning more towards the first two concepts. i enjoy the dual lid, 2 in 1 type deal with its interaction, and also find it nice that the box for the second one can be repurposed if desired. i’m strongly thinking about creating a die cut pattern someway or another in my repackaging.


1 thought on “3 curry sketches

  1. jamie turpin

    Hey Bri,

    Nice sketches! (minor note: don’t forget to place on your design brief/process template)
    I concur with your thoughts on either moving forward with Concept 1 or 2. Concept 3 would be really innovative, but I think it might be rather to complex to tackle right now.

    Concept 1: (I know we spoke about this in class, but later these thoughts came to me)
    — My concerns, you are basically utilizing the existing jar forms, adhering them together, and designing a unified aesthetic. This project truly needs to incorporate a new or repurposed form/structure. I know you are repurposing the form, but I am implying more of a renovation that molds and creates your new form. BUT I see your diecut case at the bottom of this sketch. If you would incorporate this diecut case to house your joining jars then you’d be at a great status.

    Concept 2: This idea and direction with forming a sustainable/repurposed package design is right on. My vote is to move forward with this idea. πŸ™‚
    Suggestion – reference these sites: http://inhabitat.com/products-2/ (perhaps search for sustainable plant containers or repurposed plant containers…)
    Margo Chase has designed some clever product/packaging design projects: http://www.chasedesigngroup.com

    I hope this helps. (you have my blessing for concept 1 or 2.)


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