the story of stuff project

the more to better  movement seems like a powerful idea that could really show the growth of humanity’s understanding of itself and what we can do to make sure we stay a community while preserving our planet. Switching up what goes into forming the end goal sounds easy enough in theory. We all need to refocus on the bigger picture and the affects that come along years from now, instead of being stuck in the now and wanting more, more, more. I think the idea of sharing could be a solution but that seems like it might be a slow process considering how society has gotten so used to having everything to his/herself. Every little step counts though and I think we can create a lot of positive change with this concept. In the video she mentioned that her library has started loaning out power tools and others objects. I think this is an idea that is right on track with moving into better, the word just needs to be spread more widely about these movements so people can take part in them.

1 thought on “the story of stuff project

  1. Tessa

    I think you’re right about how it would be hard for people to adjust to sharing items. But if we could eventually get over that, it would make our communities more connected. It would encourage people to get to know their neighbors and get out around town and interact more. This could have long lasting effects on people feeling worthy and connected, and in turn happier, along with being less wasteful.


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