design curriculum reading

the statement that stood out to me in the design curriculum of the future¬†article is that design solutions are being deemed “good enough for now.” it is interesting to hear this statement because when we are working on a projects we strive for that “almost perfect.” but simultaneously i suppose we also have in our minds the notion that something can never be fully finished or complete, there’s always something that could be altered or minorly adjusted. working with experiential/interactive designs that live on digital platforms fully take on this always unfinished persona. the technology evolution makes it more difficult to make a sustainable, long lasting design. we may think that it has the characteristic of being long lasting now, but really how are we to tell since we don’t know what advances are to come in a year or even just 3 months. the times are rapidly changing, as designers we have to stay resilient and steadily working on a fast pace to keep up with the advancements. we must not get indulged with a specific software or zoomed into one style of working because that software or aesthetic may not be prominent in the near future. keep an open mind and stay flexible, strive for that perfection, but don’t fret if it doesn’t make it there because it is only going to be good enough for now. even though we don’t like admitting that our work is only just good enough, sometimes that can be alright, and the only thing we can hope for.

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