for my second interview required for credit for my internship i sat down with stephanie moore, the district visual manager at anthro.

1 education started in skincare/makeup—regrets not finishing or going back. mostly on the job training throughout the years.

2 what did you want to be when you “grew up” something with theater/broadway, did theater in high school

3 job experience, how’d you get here experience early on with buying, started at 16 with buckle. moved to working at the buying office at 19. built a career. became an apparel manager with anthro 12 years ago. started with 29 stores now 200, went to openings of stores such as the one in london. be willing to start at a company you want to be with and work your way up, get in no matter what it is. be flexible and build connections. 

4 describe your role, typical day/week senior district manager, 9 stores across six states. 

monday, office reports and planning the week, touching base with stores and planning their week.

tuesday, touch bases aka 9 hours of phone calls.

wednesday & thursday, in stores and traveling every other week. hq about 2-3 times a year. training new district managers. 

friday, office time with more conference calls and planning. 

5 how long have you been in this position district manager about 3.5-4 years, started in great lakes. this past year took on title of senior. 

6 what are some key skills needed, how do you stay organized communication, flexibility, multitasking, time management, organization, optimism, avid motivator, teacher, facilitator, “wedding planner.” folders in outlook of stores/season/person, notebook with every hour planned out. 

7 what do you find most rewarding  recognizing someone’s potential and getting them to recognize it and getting them to be the best they can be. seeing them go through the challenges but succeeding with their talents.

8 some struggles never enough time. having to teach and rely on them to take it in, have to learn on their own and then not seeing what you expected. not being able to do it for them. visual things are very subjective, making it about the objectivity, what is successful and looks good and not just something you like personally. 

9 what drew you to anthro shopped at anthro before, felt like home. no question, i had to be a part of this. at the time relocatable, first applied at the home office but there was new construction so took that opportunity.

10 favorite thing about position the people; specific set of traits, hire people who aren’t willing to settle.

11 least favorite thing airplanes and living out of a suitcase.

12 where do you find inspiration artists houses and studios, traveling internationally (polland, germany, netherlands), instagram, kinfolk magazine, elle decor

13 last bits of advice degree. don’t stop. pursue whatever you want to pursue. when you get older you get more scared to change. live it up. don’t stop learning. 

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