the future is coming.

short term// intern in seattle summer 2014. stay patient. push handmade analog processes and bring them into digital uses. keep thinking dimensionally. speak up more during crits.  take breaks + read more books.

long term//  just be genuinely happy. and staying curious. traveling + trying different design fields.

oh the places i’ll go// Gensler, Anthropologie, Callison, Perkins + Will, Paperless Post, Refinery29, Grey, RGLA, Martin, Houzz, Pinterest, Fossil, Gap, IDEO

right now i’m not totally sure where i will end up, hopping around to try different things, whether environmental or interative design, will probably most definitely end up happening. sometimes i get bored and want to try new things, so on to another job! i love hunting down all the possibilities that are out there, and i like to dream big, who knows what can happen. i do know for sure that i would like to try to pursue display coordinator at anthropologie, once i graduate. for the upcoming summer, i am looking to try environmental graphic design, i am on the look out and applying. wherever i go i would like it to combine graphic design with either interiors/architecture, fine art or fashion/retail.

reading response for frank chimero’s advice// i truly enjoyed the language and organization of frank’s writing. it is very down to earth but powerful at the same time. a majority of his advice deals with activities outside of design, the activities that shape us as knowledgable people with balanced lives. i think i’ve read this article about five times now, and i think i’ll keep reading it over and over. each time a different phrase sticks out with an ah-ha moment attached. because of this i cannot pick out a favorite quote, unless i just pasted the entire text right here.


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