now trending, the well rounded designer.

[2014 graphic design salary + hiring trends]

from the reading, i conclude that as long as you are a well rounded designer there’s plenty of opportunity. of course the digital age is going to continue to grow, so having experience in html/css is eventually going to end up being expected. i think it’s a good idea to experiment in all realms of design just so you have some sort of idea for the growth and limitations for a specific area. but going along with that i think it’s valuable to have a targeted area of design that holds your passion and would brings a perspective unique to you. it’s positive knowing that salaries for this year are increasing compared to the previous year, hopefully the momentum continues to push forward as i finish out my last year. it’s also positive knowing that more companies are willing to negotiate salary, i think that shows how confident they are in your talents. so basically to make sure you land a job you must be socially tech savvy, know your alphabet of coding, have professional experience and be forward enough to fight for a few extra bucks on your paycheck. sounds reasonable.


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