week 6 and 7 reading response

[64 interview questions]

this was very thorough in answering every possible question that could come up during the interview process. There were a few questions that i hadn’t really thought about before. i think the most valuable concept that comes from reading this article is that being prepared is key. i don’t think you should have to rehearse your interview beforehand because you want to still be genuine and conversational with the interviewer, but i do think that it is a great idea to be some what prepared. especially when it comes to the basic questions of what are your strengths, why you want to work there, what makes you a good fit. having a handle on these answers should allow you to be confident and give you the ability to build off those answers to also confidently answer the questions that follow. just know the key selling points about your talent and then just be yourself and show your personality.

[#the50 things every creative should know]

i feel like this list should go on forever. i love the idea of the short 140 character thought bubble. i think a reoccurring theme is to get out of the studio. go explore and work in different environments. the most resonant with me is to not underestimate self-initiated work. personal projects allow for creative freedom and aren’t bogged down by any restricts, therefore they can have some of the best outcomes.

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