design for good


we live in one city but live divided by hyper-segregation. we tend to live in a bubble of our own little world and not realize what’s happening just 3 streets over, we are superman was a wake up call to how bad the division of kc really is.


as much as we’d like to think us designers have magical powers like mr. harry potter, we are just like everyone else. mentioned in the article is the thought that we are just outsiders coming in with a different perspective. totally true. the reason we are able to see things differently is because this is what we crave, in my eyes doctors and lawyer types have the magic powers because blood and arguing is not my thing. we all have our thing. we all have the ability to bring in a new perspective with our own individual special knowledge.


“design is not a neutral, value-free process. a design has no more integrity than its purpose or its subject matter. garbage in, garbage out.” all about that content and context. oh and concept. the c’s to be a good citizen.


cheers to a positive future.


learning about ramzy masri’s experiences with his research and his breakthroughs is inspiring. the levels of interaction that he created to go along with his designed book, is what brought his idea to life. to have the reaction of the children sharing their own stories and communicating with other local students, i think, is a good tell that the kids had learned from ramzy’s lesson.

the key topic in this article for me is trying not to get overwhelmed with all of the organizations  needs and only promise what you can handle with the resources and time that you have. start with a narrowed in specific need so you can have a stronger grasp on the outcome of your involvement.

“in our age of social networks, many of us are in touch daily with people from around the world, but few of us actually know our next-door neighbors.” — i think we are all pretty guilty of this statement…

with morgan ashley allen’s project it shows us that to be abel to make an impact we need some sort of trust or linking bond to the communities we are reaching out to.

interests perhaps ///

kc pet project

happy bottoms

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