intro to windows and mirrors response

first off, whoa. it’s just mind blowing thinking back to those genius minds that came up with such a space as the world wide web. i thought this intro was quite interesting. structuralists versus designers. i think there is still some misunderstandings from either point view still today, but i think it is not as harsh. the quote of nielson saying “when they leave the theatre, you want them to be discussing how great the play was and not how great the costumes were,” sorta frustrates me. i feel you want the audience to leave talking about the entire experience not just the content maybe that’s just the designer in me talking. (i know i left the broadway showing of matilda with a strong image in my head of how awesome the set was.) computers today have for sure become a medium; the take on the combined rolls of books, photograph albums, television sets. and as we design for this medium we must keep in mind “every digital artifact oscillates between being transparent and reflective.”

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