feedback and prototype ideas

research feedback from keith of the humane society //

draw attention to the fact that the low cost pet care is part of what funding goest to — the clinic doesn’t make money. not to quote specific euthanasia numbers — talk about concept without using percentages. / we really want to hit hard on the fact that we help dogs and cats that would otherwise be euthanized. / we want to pull their heartstrings so they’ll donate. We actually do have a shortage of adoptions happening. But we have a huge shortage in operating cash.

after recent events, we want to focus on sharing little rogan’s story and spreading the word about the quick acting parvovirus and the need to donate to shelters.

our big ideas are 1) educate about parvo 2) persuade importance of puppy vaccinations 3) encourage donations to allow shelters to be able to treat infected puppies with rooms for quarantine

we are meeting with keith wednesday to go over our design ideas, as well as put in our volunteer time! we are looking forward to creating a set of cards/small posters that have a handmade illustration of shelter dogs and then on the back has info graphic/stats about parvo. there would be a site with e-commerce to purchase the cards and also donate. on the site we’d have a few short videos of the dogs to pull at heart strings and available to share on social media to help spread the word to the public.

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