all screens for chart

chart: connecting healthcare and reshaping tomorrow. with morgan and brittany, here are the design comps of how our cross platform system would play out.

scenario 1:

Ashley desktop: secure eye scan log in. video chat call with doctor to discuss symptoms.


Ashley iphone: arriving at the office automatically checks her in with nearable technology. and allows her to make any updates for her visit. and alerts her about additional information added to her records once her appointment is completed.

doctor iPad: schedule directly connected to patient records and allows for the doctor to push information to exam room wall.

exam room wall: interactive wall so both patient and doctor are able to have a clear view of any scans. wall also records any written notes and also verbal dialog.


and now scenario 2:

jacob iphone: chart allows young jacob to take care of his type 1 diabetes on his own. here is a daily log of checking blood sugar.

ashley desktop: any updates of jacob would be reflected in his records, which mother ashley has access to.


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