proposal: what is happy


I seemed to have lost myself. I feel unable to define who I am and what it is that makes me happy. I mean what is happy?… Many others out there going through this same overwhelming feeling; it could be called a quarter life crisis I suppose. I want to investigate this topic that has exploded in my generation.

To reconnect with my inner being, I would like to propose that I use my degree project as a time of formal exploration and reflection upon myself as not just a designer/artist but as a person.

Each week I would be exploring a different medium—rather collaging or paper crafting, photography, there is an infinity of options—to create a set of images that are paired with two words. One pertaining to doubt, because it can’t be ignored, this may seem depressing but sometimes that is just how we feel and should be expressed. And one positive enforcer, because we are not always so bah humbug, and we always, always need light at the end of the tunnel to help us through. These can either be singular words or maybe even phrases or quotes. As I create these constructed images each week I would blog about my process and my point of view pertaining to the words used. This will give me purpose and a way to open up and understand myself better and let others understand me better. It would be a stream of conscience or a type of word vomit.

*If this seems to be too personal for me to handle coming up with the right words, because you know feelings… it would also appeal to me if I collected responses from different individuals. That way there is a variety of input. It would be interesting to get different views of what happiness means to each individual.

In the end I will be left with a collection of images that could take the form of either/both a book or stop motion video. In book form, my blogged thoughts could come into play as supporting elements. The process of this project will be a way of building my self-confidence and learning more about what makes me tick. The final product however will be able to reach out to my peers who are in need some beautiful visual encouragement and to let them know they are not alone.

I want my soul to be poured into a project; let’s make it this one.


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