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i’ve been reading subliminal: how your unconscious mind rules your behavior [leonard mlofinow] i have almost read it all in the past 3 days. 20 pages to go. i have a collection of a few other books that i have retrieved from the library that i plan on reading. subliminal has been really fascinating to me. the mind, blows my mind…

here are some quotes from the text that i thought were important to my research //

“To gain a true understanding of human experience, we must understand both our conscious and our unconscious selves, and how they interact. Our subliminal brain is invisible to us, yet it influences our conscious experience of the world in the most fundamental of ways: how we view ourselves and others, the meanings we attach to the everyday events of our lives, our ability to make the quick judgment calls and decisions that can sometimes mean the difference between life and death, and the actions we engage in as a result of all these instinctual experiences.” [subliminal, page 5]

“It is by uncovering the working of the unconscious that we can best understand both how we are related to other species and what makes us uniquely human.” [subliminal, page 8]

“The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing. — Blaise Pascal” [subliminal, page 11]

“We all hold dear the idea that we’re the captain of our own soul, and we’re in charge, and it’s a very scary feeling when we’re not. In fact, that’s what psychosis is—the feeling of detachment from reality and that you’re not in control, and that’s a very frightening feeling for anyone.” [subliminal, page 17]

“You might think a smile is a rather shoddy barometer of true feelings because, after all, anyone can fake one. It’s true that we can consciously decide to exhibit a smile, or any other expression, by using the muscles in our faces in ways we are practiced at doing. Think about what you do when trying to make a good impression at a cocktail party, even though you are miserable about being there. But our facial expressions are also governed subliminally, by muscles over which we have no conscious control. So our real expressions cannot be faked. Sure, anyone can create a posed smile by contracting the zygomatic major muscles, which pull the corners of the mouth up toward the cheekbones. But a genuine smile involves contraction of an additional pair of actors, the orbicularis oculi muscles, which pull the skin surrounding the eye toward the eyeball, causing an effect that looks like crow’s-feet but can be very subtle.” [subliminal, page 116]

“There is a man or woman behind the curtain of everybody’s persona. Through our social relationships we get to know a small number of beings with the level of intimacy that allows us to peel back the curtain—our friends, close neighbors, family members, and perhaps the family dog (though certainly not the cat). But we don’t get to pull the curtain very far back on most of the people we meet, and it is usually drawn fully closed when we encounter someone for the first time. As a result, certain superficial qualities, such as voice, face and expression, posture, and the other nonverbal characteristics I’ve been talking about, mold many of the judgements we make about people—the nice or nasty people we work with, our neighbors, our doctors, our kids’ teachers, the politicians we vote for or against or simply try to ignore. Every day we meet people and form judgements like I trust the babysitter, This lawyer knows what she is doing, or That guy seems like the type who would gently stroke my back while reciting Shakespeare sonnets by candlelight.” [subliminal, page 143]


and then there’s this happy guy jerome jarre taking over vine, he has quite the interesting story //


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