bio + artist statement

Howdy. I’m Bri. I’m not one much for words. Instead laughter and sound effects. I love dogs. I have a chinese crested powderpuff. His name is Potter. Like Harry Potter. I fall asleep during Harry Potter. Whoops. I also have a 30 pound yorkie chihuahua. Yeah. Right. We call her Zoey. I have a passion for visual arts. I’m getting my education in graphic design. I have this thing where I must physically construct stuff. Sometimes I like to make them best friends. Friends. Friends can be cool. I grew up in Blue Springs. You know. Home of David Cook. Right. You don’t know. They just have that sign on the side of the highway. Cause American Idol used to be a thing. The thing is I’ve lived in this Kansas City suburb since I was three. You see. When I was as tall as your knee. I knew I wanted to be a designer.


I like color. And patterns. And three dimensions. And all things tangible. I like to get messy. That keeps me versatile. And curious. And ready for the next big idea. I experiment. I take one project at a time. I assess and then construct. I want to see where design goes next. I want to be the one that drives its towncar. Or rides tandem on its bicycle. I do not know the destination of my design future. I do know it will always challenge my every decision around the principles of design. And I like that. You must like that too.

 IMG_6488 - Version 2

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