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sneak peak

loving it. i’m having a great time thus far creating aspects of the holiday display and workshop. here are some glimpses into what i’ve been working on.

first day

well i have completed my orientation for anthropologie, and am on my way to enjoying my experience as being their visual display intern. i can’t really go into much detail about what i’m doing everyday, gotta leave that surprise element for the big reveal. over the rest of the semester i will be assisting in making the elements that will be the holiday display. so getting down and dirty, planning, painting, measuring and constructing. i am extremely excited to get busy working on the projects they have planned out for me to work on. the methodology of anthropologie is inspiring all on its own, i can’t wait to be enveloped into their thought process and design procedures as a retail store. i feel like i’m really going to have a great time over the next couple of months. it’ll be a nice break from working on the computer all the time, a nice breather into a different realm of design.