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ornament workshop

on november 1st anthro had a workshop! for the beginning of my internship i was in charge of creating and gathering all the materials needed, which included mock ups for the step by step process, table top holiday inspiration, take home instructions, and even picking out the flowers and treats. i was able to attend for the second half and took a bunch of photos and also got to teach the ladies how to make a bottle cap ornament. everything went smoothly and everyone seemed to have a great time making countless ornaments.

first day

well i have completed my orientation for anthropologie, and am on my way to enjoying my experience as being their visual display intern. i can’t really go into much detail about what i’m doing everyday, gotta leave that surprise element for the big reveal. over the rest of the semester i will be assisting in making the elements that will be the holiday display. so getting down and dirty, planning, painting, measuring and constructing. i am extremely excited to get busy working on the projects they have planned out for me to work on. the methodology of anthropologie is inspiring all on its own, i can’t wait to be enveloped into their thought process and design procedures as a retail store. i feel like i’m really going to have a great time over the next couple of months. it’ll be a nice break from working on the computer all the time, a nice breather into a different realm of design.


this summer I had to the fortune of being a part of Barkley’s 2013 mentorship program. I had a great time getting to know my gang of fellow interns. they are a super smart, awesome group of people that I will miss tremendously and will definitely stay in contact with. they enabled me to evolve as a person and be more socially open and more comfortable working with a larger group of people. I am going to miss working with them and seeing their lovely faces everyday, hopefully our careers will collide once again in the future.ย Image

while at Barkley I was able to observe how a large advertising agency operates. I participated with projects for clients such as Big Lots, Krispy Kreme, Connect Hearing and Missouri Lottery, as well as design take aways for Barkley to hand out at career fairs and events. but my internship ended up being strongly focused around the internship project. we were prompted from Sporting KC to make a video to market Kansas City as a place for millennials to thrive with their talents and specific culture. the video is then going to be used to help build the LiveKC movement. ย for the video our mini agency of interns thought through multiple rounds of ideas and settled with the concept of how KC can be just as appealing as the mainstream hotspots like seattle or austin, we wanted to evoke curiosity, for those who are not familiar, and reveal that it is indeed Kansas City at the end of the video. we wanted it to feel very user generated, and combined with the originally made music we created a feel good, come join us in KC video. I had not had much videoing experience before this, but it was a great learning experience and I had a great time going around and capturing how the group of interns explored KC this summer, and also working alongside Crossroads intern Eric, to edit and piece together the story that is the LiveKC video. enjoy and feel free to share and spread the word, and don’t forget: LIVE IT UP. cheese.