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in class sorting activity//

ux:5. rockabilly

next in user experience, time to morph into the mind set of a subculture to brand a collection of products. after drawing at random from my classmates choices, i landed with rockabilly. a fashion trend and music dominant culture. the pompadour, tattoos, leather jackets, cuffed jeans, car shows and good ol’rock and roll. mood boards below, as well as on pinterest.

the consumer //


the usage scenario //


visual research //


write about me.

bio + artist statement, headshot


and my current resume + cover letter. whichever new logo i decide on will dictate a new layout.



logo development//


3 curry sketches

i’m leaning more towards the first two concepts. i enjoy the dual lid, 2 in 1 type deal with its interaction, and also find it nice that the box for the second one can be repurposed if desired. i’m strongly thinking about creating a die cut pattern someway or another in my repackaging.


california zephyr // final

so here we are, ready to jump on a train and soak in all the sights from the heartland to the bay. for my amtrak poster i ended up going with my initial idea of creating a 3 dimensional model depicting the route.

first i sketched out my plan on the back of my type iterations…  //


80 constructed polygonal shapes later //


this came about //


then this happened //

and i ended up here //


now pack your bags. we’re going.

after some delay we have finally reached our destination//



after finally changing up the angle for which i photographed, my concept of transformation is now more clear. the different shapes/sizes can easily be compared. the depth of field helps enforce a beginning and end to the journey.

anchor vs relay

roland barthes introduced and termed the concepts of anchorage and relay. these two concepts were developed to give definition to the combination of text with image. the visual and verbal go hand in hand to give the imagery straight forward clarification or guide you into the right interpretation. advertisements, comics, and newspapers all exemplify anchorage and relay in their contents. here are my attempts to give these two different signs definition.