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morgan booklet

in my sketches I first incorporated a hobby of crocheting as a way to tie together the images of each fold out, and then used the heart beat as a link, which reflects on her tattoo. in the end I ended up using both of these concepts in my final piece.


the 2 page fold out was troubling for me, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to construct it. I went with the heart beat and chopped up morgan..this shows not just different outfits but her love for fashion and how she was going to pursue that career but decided not to because of staying close to home. I also see it as representing the different memories of her growing up and traveling, when we were shooting she even mentioned that the dress was what she wore to graduation. clothing subconsciously is a kind of scrap book of experiences. I knew that I wanted to have an image that reflected her travels around the globe due to her father being in the military. traveling and seeing other cultures is a very knowledgable adventure, and creates memories that last a lifetime. I decided to use this as the main fold out image. connecting the places she’s lived with her hobby, I decided to take a map and stitch a heart beat to each location and mark it with a heart to mirror the idea of her tattoo. Her tattoo you then see on the back bringing an ah-ha moment. during presentation though it was mentioned that it should have been seen a bit on the front so the reader knows immediately, which I agree could have gave more clarity at the beginning.

blurb on the map//

Morgan Lynn Stockton, a world traveler. Her heart has taken her on a journey around the globe. Over the years an abundance of memories have been created. To California she would have returned to practice fashion design, if it were not for her love of family. During that decision her heart tugged and she determined to stay close to home. Furthermore her heart undoubtly led her way to us here at KCAI.

illustrating an idea

the three stories from t.c. boyle that I used were: the lie, hands on, and la conchita. starting with the sketches, it was hard to put down something for each theme but I worked through it and here are the ones that got the best response we had our small group crit.

the final main images show true to their themes, while the subordinate themes do need some rethinking since they are not as direct. the type needs some adjusting too since at a smaller scale it is not legible.

the lie story seems to have came out the best as a complete set of themes.

taking the hands on photos were entertaining to take. it was a little uncomfortable taking such up close pictures

placing the images in a realistic setting is quite eye opening. picturing it from a true viewer stand point really points out how well the covers work and how they don’t.

t.c. boyle

THE LIE  //   deceit / selfishness / absence

it started as one lie to get out of going in to work. it grew until everything didn’t exist anymore.

for deceit..still thinking about it. for selfishness…for absence, have a line of objects but then have a break in the pattern with and empty space with a spot light on it.

HANDS ON  //  age / acceptance / true vs fake beauty

a trip to get botox ends up being a mental break down.

for depicting age I might do a close up image of the wrinkles around an eye, or maybe wrinkled up paper creases.  for acceptance, a person looking back and almost glaring at a person behind. for beauty have a split look at one that looks natural and one person who does not.

LA CONCHITA  //  pressure / time / tenacity

a down pour of rain. eighty-five mph. a liver in the trunk. a mudslide ahead. a recipient waiting. a husband and girl buried. one hero.

for pressure maybe have an object being pressed down upon or pushed up against from both sides. for time perhaps someone sitting in a room staring down a clock on the wall. for tenacity, strong hands gripping a shovel.

final constructed image

final pick for the constructed image of ben franklin. from the last version I reshot it to get rid of the harsh shadow along her leg and move the light onto the key, and then added more space to the left side to give emphasis on darkness and how the lady is more of a hidden, lesser known trait of ben.


kite & key // lightning rod/inventor of many things

join or die cartoon // worked as a printer with his own newspaper in pennsylvania

declaration of independence // founding father/developer of both declaration and constitution/only signed the declaration

woman // flirtatious attitude/supposed involvement in the hellfire club/fathered illegitimate children

rough draft

for my ben franklin constructed image I’m choosing to use the well known aspects of ben in the form of a kite with a key, the  declaration of independence, and then his newspaper cartoon which also contains my quote choice. and then the woman represents the less known aspect of ben and his supposed association with the hellfire club and his flirtatious personality. here shows large scale sketch and process of recreating the declaration by dyeing it with tea/coffee, yum! and then starting the lettering using gouache.

and then here is a draft of the final constructed image. I still need to complete the paragraph of the document and the rest of the signatures. as well as make ben’s signature more prominent and bold. 

ben franklin

benjamin franklin had a lot going for him. he achieved success in all his adventures. Ben was the tenth child of seventeen from Josiah Franklin. Ben joined up with one of his brothers to become a printmaker. at a young age Ben was able to deceive many by pretending to be Silence Dogood, an old widow who sent many letters to the Franklin print shop. After upsetting his brother, Ben decided to run off on his own. He ended up in Pennsylvania, where he would then open up his own printer. now he was able to print whatever he wanted without having to hide behind an anonymous name. in “Poor Richard’s Almanack,” Ben shared witty thoughts and advice.

Ben retired early from the printing press to move on to scientific studies. Ben was a man of many different masks. with not being formally educated, Benjamin was capable of becoming one of America’s great inventors. he is especially known for his experiment with a kite and key, for which he discovered that lightning carries an electrical current. he also invented bifocals, swim fins, extension arm, and the list continues.

Ben was also the first postmaster, the first stamp featured a portrait of himself. Franklin also practiced fire fighting. to prepare for the Revolution, he was the first arms dealer as well. the other, not well known, side of Ben Franklin is that he was a ladies man. he is thought to have taken part in Sir Frances Dashwood’s secret society, the Hellfire Club. which met underground to have sensuous parties. it’s not for certain that he did participate in this club, but the association fits with how historians describe his mannerisms with woman.

Ben Franklin had major political roles in congress. he had in involvement in both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  Ben Franklin ventured into pretty much everything he set his mind to. the following quote from Ben explains his views towards life, “A life of leisure and a life of laziness are two things, There will be sleeping enough in the grave.”  with his successes he is one of the great ‘founding fathers’ of our country. for which he holds the top position by being featured on the hundred dollar bill.


after learning all about Ben I found some images that pictured many of the strong aspects of Ben’s accomplishments, it’s not very organized but it gives me idea of how to incorporate all his characteristics together. the image of Julian from “Big Daddy” was what I first pictured when I decided to do Ben Franklin, so I know that it will most likely make it into my final constructed image. then I am thinking about focusing on the not well known side of Ben with being a ladies man and then the association with money. but then still incorporating his accomplishments with developing the country, a good mix of imagery.

all together now

the final selections for color harmonies. laid out keynote with swatches to emphasize the schemes.

color harmony sketches // dos

narrowed my subject to food // eat your fruits and veggies.

here are some redo shots and additions of the remaining color schemes