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morgan booklet

in my sketches I first incorporated a hobby of crocheting as a way to tie together the images of each fold out, and then used the heart beat as a link, which reflects on her tattoo. in the end I ended up using both of these concepts in my final piece.


the 2 page fold out was troubling for me, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to construct it. I went with the heart beat and chopped up morgan..this shows not just different outfits but her love for fashion and how she was going to pursue that career but decided not to because of staying close to home. I also see it as representing the different memories of her growing up and traveling, when we were shooting she even mentioned that the dress was what she wore to graduation. clothing subconsciously is a kind of scrap book of experiences. I knew that I wanted to have an image that reflected her travels around the globe due to her father being in the military. traveling and seeing other cultures is a very knowledgable adventure, and creates memories that last a lifetime. I decided to use this as the main fold out image. connecting the places she’s lived with her hobby, I decided to take a map and stitch a heart beat to each location and mark it with a heart to mirror the idea of her tattoo. Her tattoo you then see on the back bringing an ah-ha moment. during presentation though it was mentioned that it should have been seen a bit on the front so the reader knows immediately, which I agree could have gave more clarity at the beginning.

blurb on the map//

Morgan Lynn Stockton, a world traveler. Her heart has taken her on a journey around the globe. Over the years an abundance of memories have been created. To California she would have returned to practice fashion design, if it were not for her love of family. During that decision her heart tugged and she determined to stay close to home. Furthermore her heart undoubtly led her way to us here at KCAI.