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annotation styles

for the first 2 I used symbols from my typeface Grotesque MT to annotate the characteristics.

I did fingerprints to go back to the aspect of using a printing press and ink and how messy it can be. 

and then I did red paint spots to hint to the name of the typeface.

and the last one is a charcoal pencil scribble that circles around the element of the letters.

then these 2 just use shapes to highlight


revised annotations  //



final annotation //

typographic metaphor

mangle and crash compositions were created through analog exploration and then scanned in and recreated in illustrator. crash, i pictured a car crash so the A was caught in the middle and being crunched. the angle implies movement to go along with automobiles. with mangle i initially was going to do a line of mangled Gs like the linking monkey game, but then positioning the Gs with the analog method i found the circular concentration was more conceptual. the word bleeds off the page to enforce the tension being seen with the Gs. glow was made digitally, by breaking up the letters and focusing on specific parts of them to create the “glow”.


Jodi and I started out by discovering some dominate wood letters to use for our hierarchies. The wood letters are larger in scale and have serifs, which is a good contrast against the rest of the quote in sans serif, Alternate Gothic. The wood letters also provided a template for tracking out the smaller type. Jodi created a design that made ‘pretty colors’ her hierarchy, and I used ‘drool’ in mine. To tie the designs together we used a central column concept, which was pretty much the only way to incorporate the oversized scale of the wood type. We choose to go with white ink on black paper for our set, giving the cards irony against the subject of the quote. But then for the experimental we both used multiple colors to more accurately portray the quote.

The first night we used the kelsey letterpress. We were not having too much luck getting all the letters solid, even after layering up tape on the trouble areas. The next night we went ahead and tried printing with the larger roll over press. This provided a much better outcome. We got a good rhythm going and cranked out a stack for each design. The first night was a learning experience but once we knew what we were doing and what we needed to do we were able to have a clean pressed finished product.

digital drool

the left 2 with white backgrounds were the first draft…then me and my partner in crime jodi worked a bit more together to get our designs to work as a pair for which I came up with the right 2 options. I believe we are leaning towards doing white ink on black paper for our postcard, to provide a bit of irony. but black and white are pretty colors too right..

typographic mark finding

at work sunday a customer brought in a ton of blueprints to get done and the company had a typographic mark that really grabbed my attention. it takes advantage of the negative spaces of the letterforms, much like what I did with my mark that I created. it uses basic geometric shapes to imply another form, not sure what the circle is doing though..

pretty colors

“At the end of the day, pretty colors make people drool.” Spoken by Nathan Rice, a developer at StudioPress, during an interview in 2010 with WordPress. He was being asked about the development of themes and the market for them. He says that the designs are what sell the themes, the colors pull in the customer to use specific themes. This reasoning makes complete sense. Colors are the first thing that are noticed when coming to a site. They draw you in. Colors also set a mood, so the right or wrong choice could have different effects on the viewer. As a designer it is very important to be able to combining colors in a pleasing way that portrays the right idea. So at the end of the day, this quote plays a lot into my studies and eventual career.

why graphic design

I started my college career at mizzou as an interior design major. as I made my way through my second year, something wasn’t clicking. I was taking a graphic design course along with my required architecture studios, and I much rather enjoyed working on projects from that class instead. my mind felt a bit more comfortable in the two dimensional realm. graphic design captures the essence of creating something that would appeal to either a select few or a mass audience from my interest with interior design. graphic design though has a more powerful affect on society from marketing advertisements, to books/magazines, logos, labels. I wanted my work to mean a little more and serve a more substantial purpose. so here I am, a sophomore at the kansas city art institute pursuing graphic design.