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final grotesque mt


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book mockup

most of the changes I made are pretty subtle until the third spread. the first spread still needed a better connection. by rotating the mass of alphabet and annotations ninety degrees and enlarging it slighting, along with repositioning it down lower, I think now it showcases a logical relationship between the flat horizontal text with the harsh angle. I was pretty satisfied with the second spread, the only change was moving the title up to the next module to flow with the earlier page. and then the third spread. after a lot of reworking I went with mirroring the angles made by the large annotations from spread 2 as my starting point, and then filled in with the rest of the needed annotations. all the spreads are  bold and sharp like Grotesque MT itself. they all seem to flow better as a set than previously.

change up

I made some edits to incorporate my annotation style with the body copy and quote text. the reorganization of the front spread is more logical and I also connected the title to the alphabet to give it better continuity. throughout the spreads I changed the opacity of the annotations so it is more legible. I cleaned up the last two spreads so it was not as congested, now they are more straight forward.

rough layouts





with my layouts I wanted to imply contrast with having the annotations/alphabet on an angle and then the paragraphs and information either straight vertical or horizontal. the contrast relates to the letterforms because it is a loud bold typeface that has sharp cut terminals but then also a more calligraphic detail of line variations when a bowl connects to a stem.

annotation styles

for the first 2 I used symbols from my typeface Grotesque MT to annotate the characteristics.

I did fingerprints to go back to the aspect of using a printing press and ink and how messy it can be. 

and then I did red paint spots to hint to the name of the typeface.

and the last one is a charcoal pencil scribble that circles around the element of the letters.

then these 2 just use shapes to highlight


revised annotations  //



final annotation //