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space update

i have now got the separator wall built with stairs to the elevated floor. the entrance wall is curved, and the wall behind is also going be as well. that wall is going to have an image of the depression, then cut outs of shirley with openings for visitors to plug in their faces, will stand in front. and then the back large wall is still going to say ‘you gotta s-m-i-l-e’ and there are going to be circle mirrors arranged across the wall so visitors can practice their smiles and their shirley faces. and then there is the last long wall….i think i’m going to make a timeline with her movie career mixed with the events of the depression to bring some sort of quantitative aspect to the space.

Model concept


Right now I’m working with the idea of hiding behind her smile like I did for the magazine article. On further development I plan on using transparency or vellum to make layers of images and text. There is a display of the dolls she has been made into, and also a screen on platform a few step up where her film or short bio would be playing.

exploring options

most of the iterations explore ways to incorporate the rollover aspect that is dominant on my website. i’ll probably be using at least 3 screen grabs to clearly describe the communication process with sender/receiver, channel, message, noise, feedback, context. multiple images would provide a better understanding of the actions taken to communicate and would also allow for my space to annotate, rather than overwhelming one small image.

documenting communication

i chose to document the communication of using instagram.

instagram is a channel that displays communication through image and text. i decided to use this as my example because it showcases the ideas in my built model, with the sender being able to send a single message simultaneously on several channels.


1. decide on image content. take picture. [the subject of the images communicate you interests and infer your way of life. the images also cater to the audience intended for the message]

2. test filters. add filter. press next. [putting a filter onto the photo communicates to the receiver different moods/preferences of the sender. the points of view and knowledge of the sender/receiver effect the choice]

3. write a caption. [captions describe or enhance the photo through anchorage or relay, the addition of words communicates more personality/shows a point of view to the receiver]

4. add location. [be as specific as you wish to share, makes message more complex]

5. select where else you would like to display your message. [simultaneously distribute the image and text across multiple social media at one time to promote your message to as many people as possible. several of these channels continue the cycle of communication by being able to share/retweet/repost, gives additional feedback to the success of the message]

6. share. [release your message to the world]

7. feed. [communicates who, what, when, why to the receiver]

8. wait for feedback. [you can tell the success by the likes, or comments; which shows appreciation/appeal to the image]

here’s a video using rhetoric–parody. i used this last semester for my presentation for my art history: food in art class.

magazine final


there were only minor changes from before. the main difference is the folio which is now on the right hand side, creating a solid top margin which brings in some necessary white space.  the concept with layering and contrast between rectilinear and curvilinear forms, bring to life the idea of the solemn people of the great depression finding joy and optimism from shirley temple, and essentially hiding behind her smile. i am pretty fond with how this project turned out. its a strong design, and i think ranks as one of my most successful projects.

surely it’s shirley

did quite a bit of reworking since crit. after working with my type book i got a different inspiration to go along with. now i think the elements more clearly demonstrate my attributes and who shirley temple was as a child star.