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website had a few changes with having the image be seen at the same time as the definition and I fixed “hyberbole” and also put in intrinsic and extrinsic ethos.

and with the gun poster i went back to my original by taking out the caption which i thought was unnecessary because it didn’t really add much. the image really just speaks for itself and clearly demonstrates topic of the poster.


exploring options

most of the iterations explore ways to incorporate the rollover aspect that is dominant on my website. i’ll probably be using at least 3 screen grabs to clearly describe the communication process with sender/receiver, channel, message, noise, feedback, context. multiple images would provide a better understanding of the actions taken to communicate and would also allow for my space to annotate, rather than overwhelming one small image.

documenting communication

i chose to document the communication of using instagram.

instagram is a channel that displays communication through image and text. i decided to use this as my example because it showcases the ideas in my built model, with the sender being able to send a single message simultaneously on several channels.


1. decide on image content. take picture. [the subject of the images communicate you interests and infer your way of life. the images also cater to the audience intended for the message]

2. test filters. add filter. press next. [putting a filter onto the photo communicates to the receiver different moods/preferences of the sender. the points of view and knowledge of the sender/receiver effect the choice]

3. write a caption. [captions describe or enhance the photo through anchorage or relay, the addition of words communicates more personality/shows a point of view to the receiver]

4. add location. [be as specific as you wish to share, makes message more complex]

5. select where else you would like to display your message. [simultaneously distribute the image and text across multiple social media at one time to promote your message to as many people as possible. several of these channels continue the cycle of communication by being able to share/retweet/repost, gives additional feedback to the success of the message]

6. share. [release your message to the world]

7. feed. [communicates who, what, when, why to the receiver]

8. wait for feedback. [you can tell the success by the likes, or comments; which shows appreciation/appeal to the image]

here’s a video using rhetoric–parody. i used this last semester for my presentation for my art history: food in art class.

communication model


i took inspiration from the the david berlo’s process of communication. in his model he breaks down what’s needed to construct/interpret a message and its inner elements, as well as exploring the options of what channel’s can be.  characteristics come together to form a message that is accessible to the right people, without these elements of knowledge, culture, and point of view, messages would not occur or be very significant. i see the channel as being essential to spreading information at a fast pace and to a more substantial amount of people. today information can be sent out simultaneously to several different platforms, which bombards the receiver with the information. this is something that i believe is going to continue to increase as technology keeps on advancing and social media stays prevalent.

from before i added the layered components to the sender and receivers. and also attempted to portray the simultaneous distribution from the sender, and the gradient seen in the channels


final aiga gun control poster



the dominant mode of appeal would be pathos. the gun being wrapped in caution tape plays with the imagination. the imagery alludes to, and makes your mind picture, crimes scenes and other dangerous situations. the poster uses the rhetorical trope of synecdoche. the viewer is given a piece of information with the gun and caution tape, for which they are left to use their knowledge to make  connections to the more complex scenarios that demonstrate the consequences of guns. there is also a bit of a pun with the wording, another word for caution can be beware. and in this case for gun control we also need to “be aware” of the dangers surrounding gun usage. maybe that’s stretching it. i believe the design’s simplicity is bold and gives off a clear, straight forward message.

aiga gun control// 3 concepts

narrowed/refined to 2//


words of wisdom//

rhetoric catches your attention, then aristotle’s modes of appeal pull you in closer and keep your attention. modes of appeal focus on the details that give a message substance and really define what is being communicated. ethos applies to the credibility of the source, pathos applies to the emotions and senses, logos applies to the brain’s need for logical and stats to back up a claim; all three of the appeals make a message believable. modes of appeal are present in all realms of design, every form of design is going to at least appeal to the senses and emotions through the simplest choice of color or typeface, so therefore contain pathos.

rhetoric makes you think and use prior knowledge to form the clever connection. rhetoric works best with a clear and concise message being supported with vivd imagery. advertising is bursting with rhetoric. humor easily fits into a range of rhetoric forms,  it’s seen in commercials from car insurance to fast food. a specific one i’m thinking of are the allstate commercials. they use metaphor for mayhem while sneaking in a bit of parody; the message is made very evident. rhetoric makes something more interesting, humans are attracted to the explanation of abstract concepts.

i’m sorry,..i love puns.

rhetoric// a speaker persuading an audience through the use of figures of speech or tropes
pun// play on words, exploits the multiple meanings or spellings of a word
hyperbole// exaggeration to bring emphasis to a given quality or element
irony// expressing the opposite of what is expected
antithesis// juxtaposing opposing ideas to intensify their contrasting qualities
personification// giving humanistic characteristics to nonhuman subjects
metonomy// the use of a simplified term to represent a more complex thing
metaphor// 2 very different ideas are compared to one another through a shared attribute
synecdoche// a piece of information used to represent the whole or vice versa
parody// using humor, irony, or satire to create an imitation of something

examples for each type of figure of speech//

modes of appeal

ethos // the source’s credibility built upon reputation, and through the tone of the text and imagery

          extrinsic ethos // a source’s reputation formed from other sources

          intrinsic ethos // a source’s reputation formed from one’s own experiences

pathos // distinctly entices the emotions by using the senses and provoking the imagination 
// enforces claim with logical supporting evidence such as textual statistics or demonstrative images 

examples // i annotated these advertisements by creating a wrap around with paper and then wrote the note on that. for ethos i have a comedy central ad which has a venn diagram that describes their brand. a playboy bunny: credible for provocativeness. a hunter: credible for being unexpected and dangerous, proceed with caution. together these two figures bring credibility to the essence of comedy central. for pathos i have a monte carlo las vegas casino ad which shows a man playing slots with the wording mare see bo koo, which means thank you. i marked out the large amount of money on the shown on the slot machine. we love money, we get emotional, we are attached. for logos i have a jim beam ad which uses the slogan ‘guys never change, neither do we.’ i wrapped the imagery of the multiple images showing men throughout the years jamming out to an air guitar. this is visual evidence and reasoning which backs up their statement of comparison.

new example for ethos. we have bill cosby here for texas instruments. he has credibility for being a trustworthy dude, and very knowledgable. if dr. huxtable is on their side it must be a good product.