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final aiga gun control poster



the dominant mode of appeal would be pathos. the gun being wrapped in caution tape plays with the imagination. the imagery alludes to, and makes your mind picture, crimes scenes and other dangerous situations. the poster uses the rhetorical trope of synecdoche. the viewer is given a piece of information with the gun and caution tape, for which they are left to use their knowledge to make  connections to the more complex scenarios that demonstrate the consequences of guns. there is also a bit of a pun with the wording, another word for caution can be beware. and in this case for gun control we also need to “be aware” of the dangers surrounding gun usage. maybe that’s stretching it. i believe the design’s simplicity is bold and gives off a clear, straight forward message.

modes of appeal

ethos // the source’s credibility built upon reputation, and through the tone of the text and imagery

          extrinsic ethos // a source’s reputation formed from other sources

          intrinsic ethos // a source’s reputation formed from one’s own experiences

pathos // distinctly entices the emotions by using the senses and provoking the imagination 
// enforces claim with logical supporting evidence such as textual statistics or demonstrative images 

examples // i annotated these advertisements by creating a wrap around with paper and then wrote the note on that. for ethos i have a comedy central ad which has a venn diagram that describes their brand. a playboy bunny: credible for provocativeness. a hunter: credible for being unexpected and dangerous, proceed with caution. together these two figures bring credibility to the essence of comedy central. for pathos i have a monte carlo las vegas casino ad which shows a man playing slots with the wording mare see bo koo, which means thank you. i marked out the large amount of money on the shown on the slot machine. we love money, we get emotional, we are attached. for logos i have a jim beam ad which uses the slogan ‘guys never change, neither do we.’ i wrapped the imagery of the multiple images showing men throughout the years jamming out to an air guitar. this is visual evidence and reasoning which backs up their statement of comparison.

new example for ethos. we have bill cosby here for texas instruments. he has credibility for being a trustworthy dude, and very knowledgable. if dr. huxtable is on their side it must be a good product.