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website had a few changes with having the image be seen at the same time as the definition and I fixed “hyberbole” and also put in intrinsic and extrinsic ethos.

and with the gun poster i went back to my original by taking out the caption which i thought was unnecessary because it didn’t really add much. the image really just speaks for itself and clearly demonstrates topic of the poster.


exploring options

most of the iterations explore ways to incorporate the rollover aspect that is dominant on my website. i’ll probably be using at least 3 screen grabs to clearly describe the communication process¬†with sender/receiver, channel, message, noise, feedback, context. multiple images would provide a better understanding of the actions taken to communicate and would also allow for my space to annotate, rather than overwhelming one small image.

website production progression

wireframe color scheme/formal element experimentation. and then finalization, and working my way into developing all the aspects into adobe muse.


i would like the my design theory website to be image dominant with short and straight forward definitions that clearly explain the images. here are sketches of a few concepts for the skeleton of the site.

home page variations //


semiotics layouts that correspond with the home page ideas //



narrowed in and edited wireframe //

home page//



topic page//