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magazine final


there were only minor changes from before. the main difference is the folio which is now on the right hand side, creating a solid top margin which brings in some necessary white space.  the concept with layering and contrast between rectilinear and curvilinear forms, bring to life the idea of the solemn people of the great depression finding joy and optimism from shirley temple, and essentially hiding behind her smile. i am pretty fond with how this project turned out. its a strong design, and i think ranks as one of my most successful projects.

shirley mockup

this time i combined elements from both of two iterations. and also used a five column grid correctly, as well as gave the body copy all of the same width and gave the positioning more consistency with it always on the right side of a page. mixing the circles and rectilinear forms together adds to the contrast between the happiness of shirley’s smile with the unfortunate depression era. it’s coming along quite nicely, still need to work on my justified type…

column to concept

working with the 3 column grid, I played with a variety of ways of creating compositions and layering images with type. my focus with layering and showing general images from the depression to illustrate that people hid behind her smile, as well as fdr. I’m not sure if the large transparent type is working out, will have to check it out when i get it printed, i’m afraid it might be a bit noisy. what i enjoy about this layout is the circles which give the spreads a bubbly personality like the subject of the article.

now with the 5 column grid i stuck with a cleaner/simpler approach with less clutter. the more generous top and bottom margins help give the content more breathing room.  i focused on black and white images to imply the time period, and they work well in contrasting the happiness of shirley’s smile with the dreary aspect of the depression.