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motion piece.



took my window concept and moved into motion. i really enjoyed learning after effects. it might be something that i try experimenting in more. i kept the motion piece pretty simple and straight forward like the window, but added some personality that hopefully displays the life of graphic design.

motion storyboard ideas

after a few retouches this is the final window identity that incorporates my design depicting the principle of concentration//


the next step is to create a short video that is consistent with the window display, and captures the design department and the einstein quote. the video would hypothetically be played on a monitor next to the entrance just inside the doors. presented are some storyboards of what i might possibly bring to life in a kinetic typography short piece//

real world placement

here are the best concepts in their intended location of installation. the large scale is bold and the colors are fresh, all together they seem to encompass the feeling of the design department.

window application ideas

after narrowing down to a few of the most conceptual designs from the principle iterations, here are my sketches for how the compositions would apply to the windows entering into the graphic design building at kcai.

i feel that the compositions that use the lowercase g are the most interesting. the lowercase g is bold and recognizable that i think it is a good mark to showcase, and it helps that graphic begins with g. i chose the ideas that i felt would be most successful as a window vinyl and created three compositions that introduce color and also incorporate the inspirational quote from albert einstein, creativity is intelligence having fun.

principles round dos

a few revisions and additions


the start of project 1 // type as image

iterations for the principles of repetition, gradation, anomaly, direction, concentration, spacing and texture