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bringing it back.

final, final? i took everything off from last time, and took the vertical orientation back to the initial concept with the images pulled apart and only weaved a little bit. and then i kept the full image weave for the horizontal orientation. i kept the type that i created and positioned it along with the directionality of the strips. i left the icons alone because i think they still are a good simplified version of the covers. the covers are now less cluttered and allow the viewer to understand the overlapping pictures that display the pun. i don’t think it’s quite there yet, i’m still going to work on integrating the text, that seems to be my struggle this semester.


volleyball, tennis, table tennis, badminton.

for my “analog” element i took two images and physically weaved them together. these two images display a pun. a play on specific words prominent in each sport. volleyball/ dig. tennis/ top spin. table tennis/ serve. badminton/ birdie. the geometric quality of the weave relates to the structure of where these sports are played. all four are court sports. adding the representation of the court also enabled the introduction of a complimentary color. i created the type myself to go along with the pixel formation.

3.16//   ……but maybe not. i need to pull back and simplify the design to where it started. it seems that i have a bit of a habit of my initial design being pretty solid with only minor refinements needed, and during the editing process i try too hard to change/enhance it, that the design ends up falling flat and not keeping with my main visual concept. so over spring break i will take a step back and keep the imagery clear and concise like in my first attempt.

judge the book // concept draft

main concept // play on words

displaying // a hint of humor (for when competitive sports turn into a circus of fun and laughter), complexity (my analog weaving of images displays a connection for the play on words between the images and the layers demonstrate the complexities in participating in any kind of sport)

so first round. needs definite refinement in the weaving and making sure the images are readable, but good start i believe //

how 2 judge the book // initial thoughts

project dos // make app covers for books that contain the history and rules for 4 different but similar sports.

lets go with court sports //badminton (1700s), tennis (1860s) , ping pong (1880s), volleyball (1895)

all with a net and marked out playing area. most with a sort of racket [palm]. each use a different type and size of  ball. all start points out with a serve.

might possibly include a humorous one-liner about the sports to make the cover a little pun-y. as for including analog elements in the design, photographs probably are a yes, or might i try and illustrate them..

1 idea // using particular sayings about the sport to create scenes to photograph that depict the concept.

tennis // matches – “game set match”

ping pong // a waiter carry a tray –  “serve it up right”

badminton // a nice little bird – “i’d hit that”…

volleyball // a person digging – “can you dig it?”

2 // using the equipment to physically create the text of the title

3 // using the equipment to showcase/construct the text from