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pop surely identified

project tres// create an identity for a pop icon by developing a visual system across various applications

shirley temple. 4/23/1928. child star during the great depression. now u.s. diplomat.shirleyhoneybooboo

she was the leading child actor of her time, fdr called her “little miss miracle” for boosting morale during the hardship of the times; “as long as our country has shirley temple, we will be all right.” she has been featured in around 60 titles. capturing an academy award, screen actors guild life time achievement award, and a star on the walk of fame.

concept thoughts//

animal crackers in a bowl of soup // her corkscrew curls // goodship lollipop // overalls // cheeks, wide eyes, pursed lips // dimples // hand drawn typography based?

essence attributes//

spunky // bouncy // joyous // charming // delightful // infectious // optimism // hope // magical // happy


“When I was 14, I was the oldest I ever was…. I’ve been getting younger ever since.”