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the batiste collection

from poster, to billboard, to motion piece, i present jazz artist jon batiste.


I had an interesting time creating the motion piece, linking up the actions with the music really brought it to life. there’s still some room for getting the timing just right, but i edited the motions to fit with the lyrics/callouts. once the motion piece was complete i went back to finish the billboard, which is a combination of the elements from the poster and video. i edited down some of the information on the billboard because it was getting cluttered. but it nicely pulls together what’s seen in the video with the original poster. ┬áthe consistency of the three pieces is not quite one hundred percent, but they compliment each other well and can work as system.

folly motion

here’s where I am at with taking my jon batiste folly theater poster into motion

I need to work on timing, which i think i am going to use the following audio to edit to. I still need to add in the line details and continue with the date and time. and then just clean it all up and keep it fun.


here’s what i’ve been working on so far for the billboard. it’s been a puzzle trying to get the elements situated correctly, i’m still not sure if this is the right composition, but it’s what i keep coming back to. any suggestions? then for the motion piece, so far i’ve drawn out a storyboard for what i plan on creating.