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thai kitchen

the finished product. for my project i combined three separate products into one, enabling for an adventurous foodie to have all the right ingredients handy for a tasty dish. once the flavors have been devoured, there are seeds included with the set so the jar and case can be repurposed as a start up herb garden. use//reuse.

click below image for process book.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 10.24.12 AM

curry it up

progress images with my curry packaging. 

some edits for the turn in on friday include:

-boosting the saturation of the color scheme, more jewel toned not pastel

-adjust nutrition/side label to have the use/reuse imagery all the way on the side boxes

-enlarge thai kitchen/seed type/up-cycle text on the sides

-create cut out on sides to enable easy access to the seed boxes

-finish painting lids white/completing inside gold leaf

3 curry sketches

i’m leaning more towards the first two concepts. i enjoy the dual lid, 2 in 1 type deal with its interaction, and also find it nice that the box for the second one can be repurposed if desired. i’m strongly thinking about creating a die cut pattern someway or another in my repackaging.



project dos// repackaging


What’s the name of product? Thai Kitchen’s red curry paste, green curry paste and roasted red chili paste
Are you familiar with any background information on the product? curry is a combination of spices and herbs, it is a key ingredient in asian sauces
What’s the objective assignment? (For example, the objective might be to re-introduce the product targeting a younger age group.) i want to reintroduce the product’s packaging so it represents how the spices make foods richer and more vibrant in flavor, and include all three in a way that creates a personalized tasting experience
Who is the target audience? flavor enthusiasts/experimenters 
What is the product description? a collection of spice pastes
Does it have any components? individual jars, holder/box
What are the benefits of the product? add a bit of kick to a boring dish, create authentic asian cuisine 
Is there support for these claims? i mean it’s curry…
What elements (barcode, price tag, etc.) must appear on the package? nutrition facts, ingredients, barcode
Has the material already been selected, or is it still open for suggestion? probably still going to use glass jars but at a reduced/personalized scale, and then for the container, maybe chip board, gold leaf experimentation?
Are there any other creative considerations (corporate colors, personal likes/dislikes, available resources such as copy, photos and/or illustrations)? current branding is prominently red and black, will probably stray away from those a bit
What are the distribution considerations? (Is the product going to be shipped in dozens, 1/2 dozens, etc.) n/a
What is the retail environment? (Is the product going to be displayed on peg board, shelves, point-of-purchase displays, etc.? Will it be available to the mass market or sold in a boutique shop, specialty store, etc.?) on shelves, possibly stacked on top each other 
What is the USP (unique selling point)? personal variety for tasting/adding to dishes, tiny spoon included?