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timeline in motion

for the initial design stage brittany and i were in different directions. i went with creating something personal and handmade, showcasing texture in comparison with the cold materials of union station’s architecture. i wanted to bring an unconventional look to the motion piece, it’s atypical to see something interactive that is made up of analog elements which capture the feeling of all the textures brought along for a train journey.  brittany’s design concept revolved around incorporating union station’s architecture and creating the same context for showing off the history facts.

for the next round we attempted to combine these sensibilities together and create something unified.

after the previous round we moved into a photographic dominant scheme, but the current home image just wasn’t there. so we went back to union station and hunted down strong architectural elements that could house our information.

we now had something to build off of and refine. at this point we realized that the hand generated elements were really losing their strength and could just be a subtle detail.

now that we had all of our screens created it was time to put this thing in motion, starting off with storyboards.

and now a draft with the timeline in motion and with voiceover…my little child voice. brittany and i are going to clean up the animations and redo the voiceover as well as tone done the music. i will also be editing the linear narrative piece by removing the frame within a frame, and maybe adding an additional script.

union station wireframes

here are the initial concepts that brittany and I developed to hold our content and demonstrate our decade of the 60s.

we decided on building on our concept that took advantage of the union station clock. the home screen would replicate the line up of clocks seen in stations that relay the different time zones. then after pressing which decade it will bring you into a large clock that is reminiscent of the one in union station. moving the hands you can chose which year you would like to explore and then pull out content.

taken digital//

and then for our linear narrative motion piece, we are going to animate the replacement of the wood benches in the main waiting area, with newer colorful plastic chairs. as the motion goes along there will be narration of the story. as the motion piece finishes it prompts to play a game of connect the chairs, similar to dots. below is the storyboard.


initial gatherings

next we are off to create an interactive screen based timeline. the timeline’s home would be down the block at kansas city’s own union station. we are to capture union station’s history along with including general happenings in kc and the nation. pairing up with brittany, we have decided upon the 1960s as our decade of emphasis. we have started a pinterest as our initial exploration into researching content, inspiration, and facts. so far we have thought about creating a timeline that captures the era by using interlocking, pattern like forms to create the timeline, as well as demonstrating the change in culture by stylistically transitioning from one year to the next.