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collection website beginnings

after photographing the trains on their actual scale tracks, i created some doodles to contrast with the realistic photographs. the drawings bring in the whimsy and quirky feeling that i intended for the feel of my collection website.

week 10 reading response

[An HR Lesson From Steve Jobs: If You Want Change Agents, Hire Pirates]


rrrrrghh. the analogy to pirate was quite interesting. his ideals for a pirate make a lot of sense and reinforce having a balanced lifestyle. everyone wants a hard worker, but the other interests, activities, and travels are what make you stand out as a person that could fit with the company. have a passion for other things. your different outlook and perspective from your background and experiences can be your key selling points as you market your brand.

acme final

Rockabilly originated as a music genre featuring artists like Elvis and Stray Cats. Currently, rockabilly is a fashion trend for both men and women. To gain the look, add a little grease to your hair, red on your lips, and/or top it with a clean shave. Rockabilly people hang out at car shows and can portray a tough attitude. I took inspiration from their interests and attire to create the branding system for Acme, a cosmetics line catered to this fashion trend.

rockabilly ideas

the products i’ve got here are hair pomade, cherry red lipstick, and hair tonic that i am transforming into after shave [i just liked this bottle better]


midterm thoughts

overall i think i am on the right track. i had a good time coming up with logo concepts and think that i created something that demonstrates my style of work. i struggled a bit as we began to dive into the portfolio site. the difference of having a wordpress blog verse a wordpress site was a lot more complicated than i imagined. and i just didn’t find the patience to figure out how to access the components of the theme and get it looking right. i don’t see myself working on ui when i graduate so i just opted into switching to using virb. and life got a lot easier and made a lot more sense to me. my goals are to keep on going. really grasp who i am as a brand and to gear that towards the direction of design or whatever i want to do when i graduate. i think there is going to be some awesome experiential exploration with what i can do with my leave behinds and printed portfolio.